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Hamilton City School District ESL Website

The Hamilton City Schools English as a Second Language Program (ESL) has continued to grow each year. We currently have the 15th largest ESL program in the State of Ohio, serving over 600 English Language Learners (ELL’s) in grades K-12.  These students represent approximately 30 countries from around the globe. Currently, there are 24 languages other than English spoken by HCSD’s students and families.  Spanish, French, Nepali, Hindi, and a variety of Micronesian languages are the most common non-English languages spoken at home by HCSD families.

The type and frequency of services provided to students are based on the student’s language level and academic needs.  Services include direct pull-out service, classroom support, progress monitoring, and sheltered content classes (7-12).  Secondary ESL students may participate in a leveled English Language Development Classes intended to increase English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Participation in the ESL Program does not prevent students from receiving help or participating in other district programs.  Our goal is to provide tiered support to English Language Learners to meet their language and academic needs. This is achieved through the utilization of instructional best practices, data-driven interventions, and collaborative problem solving with families, administrators, and teachers.

We currently employ 18 teachers to support the needs of students at our ESL Site Schools.  We have 11 elementary school teachers providing services at 4 ESL Elementary Site Schools (Crawford ES, Fairwood ES, Highland ES, and Riverview ES) and 8 teachers at our secondary ESL Site School Buildings (Garfield MS, Hamilton FS, and Hamilton HS).  We also employ 6 part-time native language support team members and 2 district translators/bilingual specialists to assist Spanish-speaking students and parents.  Support for additional languages may be provided by Affordable Langauge Services, district on-demand interpreters, or by other bilingual HCSD staff members.    This support helps to bridge the language barrier and to build strong communication channels between our students/parents and school staff.